Amkar – Dinamo Moscow, the fourth consecutive victory for Petrescu’s team?

Dinamo Moscow will be played the 14th game of the championship on Saturday at 13:45 in the company’s Amkar.

Amkar is in 7th place before this stage with 20 points. In last week coached by Stanislav Cherchesov band suffered the greatest humiliation ever, being beaten 0-4 by Lokomotiv Moscow. At home, however, is unbeaten Amkar this season, getting one goal in five games. Kanunnikov suffered an injury two weeks ago and nobody knows if it will be rebuilt to match time.

Dinamo Moscow ranks fifth, being 3 points against opponents Saturday and 4 points for second place. After a modest start of the championship, the team whose coach is Dan Petrescu managed to link three wins each from two goals difference. Last week, Badger ,, ” missed the opportunity to meet with Dorinel Munteanu, former coach of Kuban. Dinamo Moscow won 3-1 in that game, but no charges were immediate. Specifically from the Kuban goalkeeper Alexander Belenov, a former player at Dinamo Moscow, which accused the referee as that would have been the hosts. Altogether, through the good results lately, we might say that sounds good future for Dan Petrescu and his team. ,, Cops’ are also unbeaten this season, as well as Amkar, just as, in their case only occurs invincibility away. The strength of the Russian capital is precision passes, but also technicality players. Visitors can speculate this band, those from Amkar failing, largely to stop this kind of players than the foul. In order to match Zhirkov is injured on Saturday, accusing two weeks ago, the national team match, muscle pain, while Luke Wilkshire is suspended.

Last season, the stadium ,, Zvezda ”, the two teams ended in a 1-1 draw. Also, two seasons ago, police ,, ” achieved all point in moving from Amkar. The referee of this match will be Sergey Kuznetsov, who in his last stage of the championship, four weeks ago, showed no less than 10 yellow cards and two red.